Emmett Brown

From the Director’s Desk

by Emmett Brown

July 30, 2018

In a week, our national selection committee will convene in Hayward, Wisconsin to consider and select those individuals and organizations for induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for 2019. This year's crop of nominees is extensive and heavily laden with talent and expertise. The committee will certainly have their work cut out for them. I think it is appropriate that I give a huge shout-out to these dedicated men and women. They make my job immensely easier and they perform a vital service to the fraternity of fresh water sport anglers. Thank you Tim Lesmeister – Minnesota; Wendy Williamson – Wisconsin; Mike Dombeck – Wisconsin; Todd Larson – Ohio; Steve Moyer – Virginia; David Rainer – Alabama; Jesse Simpkins – Wisconsin; Lisa Snuggs – North Carolina and Forrest Wood – Arkansas. They are volunteers all!

Ireland This past June my wife and I and another couple took a whirlwind trip which found us circumnavigating the island of Ireland. And what a trip it was. All four of us have strong connections to this island nation. My wife Jean visited Erin forty years ago, Adam and Jackie Campbell have been there twice before (including their honeymoon), but I had never set foot on its distant shores. With a grandfather who has roots in Co. Mayo my visit was long overdue. For me, the highlight of the trip (besides the camaraderie of our companions) was crossing from Co. Galway into Co. Mayo knowing that I was at least close to the genesis of Clan Brown(e). A close second was finding the grave of Jackie's great grandfather – McMullan. Touchstone events to be sure. Third on my list, however, was the discovery of the seemingly endless sportfishing opportunities which exist in Ireland. There was never a day that went by when we didn't spot someone fishing. Alas, due to our schedule, we were not able to fish very much, but it is on our "bucket lists" for when we return. Please turn to page 6 for a fishing pictorial of the scenes of fishing in Ireland.

Until the fall,

Best regards,
Emmett A. Brown, Jr. | Executive Director