Emmett Brown From the Director’s Desk

By Emmett Brown

December 31, 2023

For a lot of us the last day of the calendar year is a time for reflection. I must admit, in the past I have been in that camp. This year, however, I prefer to look ahead. Certainly, this past year was a very productive one for the Hall. That said, I think our best days lie ahead. Our membership continues to grow, as does our influence within the fresh water sportfishing community. This is evidenced by the growth of our Hall of Fame program. Not too long ago, this program was dominated by upper mid-westerners. Such is not the case any longer. The tenacles of our international program is now far reaching into all corners of North America. And I am quite proud of that. Of course, without the expertise and dedication of our selection committee that wouldn’t be possible. I am very grateful for their commitment and thoughtful insights. Thank you one and all.

In the theme of looking ahead, I have some very exciting updates to announce regarding our museum grounds in Hayward. This winter the plan is to give our memorial tile room and the snack area in our main entrance building a facelift. It’s been a while, and those two areas certainly need updating. We are working on it!

Additionally, we are in the process of re-vamping the 40 plus gardens on our grounds. The work has already been started. When completed this spring/summer they will nicely compliment the 30 plus new benches and 60 plus garden memorial plaques which were installed this past fall. As our maintenance staff always reminds me, “There’s always something!”

Mid-winter always fills me with anticipation. It’s the promise of a new year and all the joy and hope it is surely to bring.

Until the spring,

Emmett A. Brown, Jr. | Executive Director