Emmett Brown From the Director’s Desk

By Emmett Brown

July 12, 2020

About five weeks ago it became safe enough for our grounds and museum to open to the public. It was not a slow start. It appears there was a lot of pent-up demand to visit our “Shrine to Anglers” here in Hayward, Wisconsin. At first almost no one wore masks – considerably less than ten percent. But over the past few weeks I’ve seen an increase to perhaps forty percent in regard to mask wearing. Of course, our staff have been wearing masks since our opening day on June 4th. Folks, the COVID-19 pandemic is real and we have the power among us to greatly reduce its grip on our society. All we have to do is limit large group gatherings and, when in public, wear masks and practice good social distancing. In keeping with this, effective today we will require all of our visitors to wear masks and practice social distancing while on our grounds and in our museum. Of course, there will be some who see this as an encroachment to their freedom (and I suppose it is in a small way) and will not visit us. As such, we will undoubtedly take further loss of revenue this year. But safety comes first. Safety of our visitors and of our employees will not be compromised.

Anyone ready to see 2020 in their rear view mirror yet?

As most of you know we did not print the spring 2020 Splash. It was made available to all of our members through our website – password media. Well, this summer 2020 issue is being printed, as evidenced by the presence of it in your hands. We have a lot of great articles by a lot of really good authors in this issue, so I’m sure you’ll once again enjoy “paging” through The Splash. However, please pay close attention to longtime Hall member Patric McDaniel’s account of catching his 250,000th fresh water fish on page 4. An amazing accomplishment by any standard. I wish we had more room for more of the particulars of his 250,000 catch journey, perhaps in a future edition we will.

Still plenty of time time to get your 50/50 cash raffle tickets and 2020 Hall pin. Order forms are printed on each of the inside covers of this issue. Or you can go to our website www.freshwater-fishing.org and order yours through our on-line store. Thank you.

Until the fall.

Best regards,
Emmett A. Brown, Jr. | Executive Director