"Take a Kid Fishin" Program

How many of you remember the first fish you caught, or more importantly, remember the first time you went fishing? Certainly, you also remember the person(s) who took you on that first outing. However, did you formally thank them for starting you on this great voyage?

Now you have the means to purposely and formally thank those who took the time to acquaint you to the wonderful world of fresh water sportfishing. Past transgressions can be easily remedied! For only $10 the Hall will lead you to the road of redemption. Please take a look at the accompanying “Take a Kid Fishin” certificate. It says it all and would be a fitting gift for that very special person who introduced you to your first fishin’ hole!

These certificates are available  by calling us at 715.634.4440. If you like you can fill in the information yourself or we can do it for you.