World Record Application

In 1974 the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame became the recognized qualifier of fresh water’s sportfishing world records. Prior to this date, the only far reaching program was a national magazine’s annual fishing contest. Because this was primarily a contest, the rules and qualifying system were not as stringent as an increasing sophisticated and demanding sportfishing public needed. Enter the Hall.

For the first 19 years, our world record program recognized applications only by weight. These catches, for the most part, were kept.

In 1993, as sportfishing trends changed, the Hall was the first to recognize fresh water sportfishing catches in the new category of Catch & Release. Record applications in this category are determined by length only. The emphasis being the importance to quickly measure and return the fish to the water unharmed and minimally stressed – alive!

Today, our world record program boasts over 3000 entries and recognizes over 125 different fresh water fish species. We recognize records by all-tackle (largest of the species) and by line-class. We break each species down by Rod & Reel; Fly Fishing; Pole/Line/No Reel & Ice Fishing (where applicable).  Who knows, your next cast may produce a next world record! Good luck.

There is a $20 processing fee per application. Paid in full members of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame are entitled to five (5) complimentary applications annually.