Online Nomination Downloadable Form for Induction:

For Recognition in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Read the Induction Rules & Regulations before using the form below to submit on-line or download (PDF) to submit by mail. Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 690, Hayward, Wisconsin 54843.

All applicable fields required. Incomplete application will be disregarded.  * Email required for on-line submission.

NOTE: Deadline for nomination applications is July 1st, to be acted upon for the following year’s induction honors.

The below form provides the selection committee with only the bare minimum amount of information needed to consider a nominee.  Alone, it generally does not provide them with enough information needed to make a decision.  Therefore, we highly suggest that additional supporting information be provided separately.  This information can consist of letters of recommendation from fishing industry leaders and/or past inductees, testimonials, magazine articles, website information, etc.  All supporting documents should be sent to us at or mailed to the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, P. O. Box 690, Hayward, WI 54843.  Thank you.

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